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  • 17 April, 2020

We love cooking nose to tail and the best way to incorporate the often feared offal of lamb, beef or pork, is in a curried brawn. We cooked this dish last year in Italy as a Slow Meat demonstration to chefs of the Slow Food Chefs Alliance. With tripe, cow heel and tongue in one recipe it is at least toe to tongue! It will also be served with a roasted pumpkin salad and baobab dressing on our Winter menu in the restaurant. 


2.5kg cow heel, sliced
1 kg cleaned tripe (bleached white tripe)
2 large onions, chopped
1.5kg beef shin, sliced and bones removed
1 beef tongue (pickled or plain)
3 bay leaves
5ml black pepper corns
50ml curry powder 
8ml turmeric
70ml apricot jam
150ml apple cider vinegar


  • Soak the cow heel overnight in vinegar water and the tongue in plain water.
  • Drain the tongue and cow heel.
  • Place the tongues in a large pot, cover with water, add the bay leaf and black pepper corns and cook on low heat for about 2 hours until the tongue is soft. Remove from the liquid, allow to cool and peel the outer skin from the tongue, then chop the tongue into small pieces.
  • While the tongue is cooking, add the cow heel and rinsed tripe in another large pot with 50ml of the vinegar, cover with water and allow to cook slowly, skim any foam that form at the top.
  • After 1 hour, add the chopped onion.
  • After another hour add the beef shin and allow to cook another 2 hours, until all meat is falling of the bones.
  • Remove the meat and bones from the cooking liquid and take all bones out carefully and shred the meat and tripe finely.
  • Drain the cooking liquid to ensure no bones are left behind, then return it to the pot.
  • Blend the curry, turmeric, apricot jam and vinegar in a bowl and add to the cooking liquid. Return the chopped meat, tripe and tongue to the same pot and mix well. Cook over a low heat for another 30 -45 minutes, until the spices are cooked out.
  • Season the brawn and spoon about 4cm deep into trays, to cool and set.
  • To serve remove the set brawn and cut into 15cm x 2.5cm rectangles about ½-1cm thick.
  • Serve with salad and apricot chutney.

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