Cooking Lessons for All Types of Foodie Interests

You may wonder why South Africa’s top school of culinary arts also offers various short courses and cooking lessons, in addition to their full- and part-time diploma courses, which train professional chefs. Keep in mind that it seems unlikely that there has ever been as much interest in food, food preparation and dining in general as right now, worldwide and in South Africa.

This fascination with all things culinary does not apply only to professional chefs either; the spectrum of folks with a lively interest in food preparation is almost universal and that’s a major reason why our leading chefs training academy also provides cooking lessons, in addition to our professional training courses.

Passion, a Dream and Determination

It is also a reflection of our school’s three founding members’ passion for cooking and fine dining. From the very beginning, when our establishment of a culinary academy was but a mere dream which we’d later develop in 1996, our primary purpose was to enable South African students to become world-class chefs on home soil, able to hold their own both within this country and internationally.

Prior to 1997, when our school opened its doors, most talented chefs capable of producing top-quality food had to be sourced from Europe and brought into South Africa on contract. If they subsequently proved to be unsuitable, it was rather too late to take corrective action, whereas a steady supply of locally trained and qualified top level chefs could fill the industry demands from within.

Determined to succeed and make our culinary school’s presence known and recognised immediately, the three intrepid founders approached the lady who would become the patron of our training facility, even going as far as lending her name to the school, something she’d never considered doing before.

Our patron’s name speaks highly credible volumes worldwide. She owned her own culinary school and Michelin starred restaurant, has been awarded a CBE, appears on television as an astute judge of numerous professional cooking competitions which are broadcast internationally, and is a published author and a household name in numerous countries.

Short Cooking Courses and Lessons

Fifteen different short courses and lessons are on offer, ranging between one and five days and seven to thirteen sessions. Certain of these are suitable for qualified chefs who seek to brush up on their existing skills and find new inspirations, whilst others are perfect for friends who share a passion for food and love to cook, experiment and learn new techniques together.

Content varies widely. Take lessons in tart making, bread baking, pasta and sauces, sugar craft, poultry, meat and fish fabrication, patisserie, veggie preparation, veld fine dining, and learn about healthy entertaining or even basic baking – all with the same meticulous attention to detail and values as is given during professional chefs courses.

More Than Mere Fuel

If you’re thinking of taking cooking lessons, you already know that tasty meal preparation and eating well involves far more than merely supplying the body with the fuel which it requires to sustain life. Improve on your existing talents or hobby within the kitchen. It is fascinating fun and your friends and family will be eternally grateful for your deliciously innovative creations, learned your cooking lessons at South Africa’s top culinary school.