Culinary Academy

As such the Prue Leith Chefs Academy has very few equals and our students are highly sought after by the South African and international market. Amongst our peers and the industry’s leading connoisseurs our culinary academy is centre and highly respected for being a world class culinary educational institution. In fact, it is not an uncommon sight to spot an advert in the job classified sections reading “Prue Leith graduates only”.

Our comprehensive, well-rounded in-house curriculum is based on the classical French method. In our industry it is pivotal that one always keeps abreast of things, ensuring that our academy always meets the high demands of the culinary and hospitality industry, which is why we believe that if we are still doing what we did six months ago, we are regressing. As every aspect of our culinary academy strives to perfection we strongly believe that in order to truly master the skills as chef you need to work with only the finest ingredients. Our students are provided with ingredients from around the world such as French frog’s legs and foie gras, Belgian couvertures chocolate, Italian truffles and Iranian caviar to help them fully grasp the tastes, textures and unique attributes of the world’s finest foods.

Another aspect that sets our culinary academy apart from the rest is our in-house restaurant experience. Prue Leith’s is one of South Africa’s top 100 restaurants and have won numerous awards. The training restaurant is located on the same site as the chef studio and is where our 2nd Commis are given the unique opportunity to polish their skills. Although the restaurant is run by students it is still under the ever watchful eyes of our professional chefs and restaurant manager and with people from around the world booking in advance we can say with pride and confidence that Prue Leith’s truly is one of a kind!

Should you require further information about our culinary academy or the Prue Leith’s restaurant, contact us today and we will provide you with all the details you might require.