Pastry Chef Courses

Pastry chefs create various kinds of baked goods such as cakes, tarts, quiches and other sweet baked pastries with ingredients that includes butter, flour, shortening, baking powder and eggs. As a pastry chef you will also have to master the art of bread-making, something that might sound easier than it really is. It is therefore imperative that if you are to enjoy a prosperous career as pastry chef you enrol for pastry chef courses where you will be taught the various techniques and skills required as a pastry chef.

At the Prue Leith Chefs Academy our extensive in-house curriculum was developed to coincide with the demands and standards of the culinary industry. As such we have incorporated pastry chef courses where Debby van Wyk (HOD Pastry) and Stephan Els (Pastry Sous Chef) will teach you how to skilfully manipulate ingredients to create mouth-watering desserts, cakes, breads and friandise. The Pastry Kitchen Curriculum runs over a course of five weeks and has been divided into 9 modules. They are:

  • Module 1 – Basic bread baking
  • Module 2 – Basic cake making
  • Module 3 – Custards/ Sauces
  • Module 4 – Meringues/Types of fruit
  • Module 5 – Classical pastry making/Biscuit making
  • Module 6 – Chocolate
  • Module 7 – Souffle
  • Module 8 – Gelatine based products and Bavarian creams
  • Module 9 – Gateaux.

Should you require further information about the Prue Leith Chefs Academy’s pastry chef courses, simply contact us today and we will provide you with all the delightfully sweet details you might require.