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One of the most important jobs in a large kitchen is that of Pastry Chef, or Pâtissier, and you’ll be happy to know that there is a growing demand for pâtisserie jobs all over the world.

There are many excellent culinary schools dedicated to teaching you the skills you need to become a part of this exciting and rewarding career, and Prue Leith is considered as one of the best in the world. Since 1997, Prue Leith, located in Pretoria has trained world-class chefs who have worked, still work and manage some of the most famous kitchens around the world including those of the Roux Brothers and Gordon Ramsay.

Due to our comprehensive curriculum, City & Guilds examinations, specialised lecturers, campus facilities and high standards of professional training – our graduates are always in demand!

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So how do you go about finding a Pâtisserie Job? Enrol in a Pâtisserie Course at Prue Leith and turn your delectable mouth-watering pastries and cakes into profit and fun! Prue Leith Chef Academy offers a six month course for those that are looking for a career as a pastry chef, which will prepare students for entry level position pâtisserie jobs. This intensive diploma offers classical French training paired with modern techniques, which starts at the basics and progresses to advanced which prepares our pastry chefs to have the confidence in the required skills and to find employment in a 5 star restaurant after commencement.

You will find pâtisserie jobs on our recruitment portal for many top restaurants in many countries around the world reserved for Prue Leith graduates only – full time, part time or temporary. There are many clients positioned throughout the globe who are hungry for Prue Leith graduates, and who only advertise on our online recruitment portal – often, seeing advertised in the job classified sections for chefs wanted, are adverts for chefs entitled “Prue Leith graduates only”. In fact, our reputation is so renowned that people will nod in appreciation when they learn that you are a Prue Leith trained Chef.

Any graduate from Prue Leith will tell you that after graduating with a Pâtisserie Diploma you not only carry a first-class ticket to the world of Pastry, but you have top billing to a range of pâtisserie jobs, not only on our online recruitment portal but first choice for many other advertised opportunities.

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As one of the most skilled and in-demand specialities in catering and hospitality, there are a multitude of pâtisserie jobs available on our online recruitment portal to those who successfully complete our Pâtisserie Diploma, graduates can find pâtisserie jobs in restaurants, lodges, bistros, wine farms, hotels, casinos and bakeries throughout the world. But make no mistake about it, this is a tough, challenging, and demanding job that only those who are truly educated and dedicated to the craft can survive and thrive in.

A Pastry Chef doesn’t just dance around the kitchen with a whisk in one hand and a bowl of chocolate sauce in the other, with their only concern being their latest creation. Pastry chefs are expected to deal with an extensive range of responsibilities, including creating innovative and delicious pastries, managing presentation and preparation, building relationships with customers, keeping up to date with new pastry trends and taking overall responsibility for the efficient running of the pastry kitchen.

Many successful Pastry Chefs have started out at smaller establishments, and moved on to working with larger hotels and restaurants. Some have even started their own specialty shops and bakeries and say that their work is the most rewarding aspect of their lives.

Rated by many as the best chefs training institution in South Africa, the Prue Leith Chefs Academy continues to grow even stronger. Passion, creativity, expertise, and tradition make for an exceptional combination and are some of the core values that Prue Leith Chefs Academy believes in. Our superior standards of education are constantly monitored and improved where necessary to ensure that our students get the best possible chefs training available. This constant progression ensures that our graduates are highly sought after in both the South African and international market.

Our online recruitment portal has helped many pastry chefs find pâtisserie jobs in leading culinary and hospitality establishments both in South Africa and abroad. What’s more, we also have an extensive range of other vacancies in the hospitality and catering industry – so if you’ve got your heart set on a career as a chef, it makes sense to plan your career carefully and enrol at Prue Leith Chef Academy. At Prue Leith you get the best of both worlds – an education second to none and a jumpstart to finding pâtisserie jobs on our online recruitment portal.