Spice Up Your Cooking and Master New Cooking Techniques with Cooking Courses

So you want to learn how to cook? Maybe you’ve always had a flair for it, maybe you’ve always enjoyed cooking, or maybe you just really love food. Everybody has their own reasons, but there isn’t necessarily a one-size-fits-all answer about learning how to cook. Perhaps you are looking for experience in the field to open your own restaurant, or maybe you feel the need to cook more efficiently to cut down on your food expenditure.

There is a saying ‘the best chefs are not born they are made’! The best way to learn how to cook or improve existing culinary skills is through cooking courses. Cooking courses offer exciting experiences which are not only fun but will improve your cooking skills for life.

Whether you’re an aspiring or professional chef or you have simply caught the foodie bug that’s going around – whatever your reason, cooking courses at Prue Leith have been compiled with you in mind. It is an assurance that you will gain an extremely valuable and life-long skill at the end.

Choose to Learn From the Best

Ask any chef where they learnt to cook and the answer won’t be from books, the food network channel or by having a top-of-the-range food processor. Whether you ask the Commis Chef in your local restaurant or the Executive Chefs of the world’s top restaurants, their answer will be the same – they learnt to cook from some of the top chefs schools in the world. This goes for home cooks too!

There is no better way to learn or improve your culinary skills through cooking courses than with an expert chef at a renowned Chefs Academy such as the Prue Leith Chefs Academy. At our facility you can find cooking courses that offer you the very best in culinary education in South Africa. Learn from the very best chefs with easy, fun and accessible cooking courses which look to not only improve your culinary skills for life, but do so in a relaxed and sociable environment. Whether you’re a beginner, can’t cook, or a chef wanting to add to your recipe repertoire you’ll love our diverse range of cooking courses.

Accredited Chefs Courses

You don’t have to spend thousands of Rands on cooking courses unless you are truly planning to follow the footsteps of Gordon Ramsey or Jamie Oliver. However, for those who are looking to break into the industry, we offer a variety of internationally accredited courses, which include the Grande Diploma in Culinary Studies and Wine, Diploma in Culinary Studies, Diploma in Pâtisserie, and Certificate in Sugar Craft.

All our chef courses, pastry classes and cooking courses are accredited internationally by City & Guilds, giving graduates the opportunity to spread their wings and enter this diverse industry at any hospitality institution in the world, knowing that they have the best training behind them.

At Prue Leith, you get no dull demos and seats at the back, we believe in the up-close, hands-on approach to boost your confidence and motivate you to better, healthier cooking. Take a look at our new short cooking courses and book your place with us today.

Our short courses include:

  • Art of bread baking – learn the secrets of bread baking. We’ll show you how to make and shape a variety of classic breads: flavoured and seed breads, bread rolls, French country loaf and baguette, brioche, pizza, focaccia and grissini. What a way to spend your Saturday morning!
  • Art of pasta & sauces – we explore all the traditional Italian pasta recipes, from making fresh pasta ribbons, tagliatelle and hand rolled orecchiette to classic sauces and fillings the traditional Italian way.
  • Advanced cakes and decorationsstep into the world of the French Pâtisserie and brush up your cake skills. Learn about cake bases, sponges, mousses, jellies, pastries, pastry creams, icings, glazes, ganache, spraying and piping, and garnishing including macaroons, basic chocolate, crystalized fruit and sugar.

So, spice up your cooking talents with Prue Leith cooking courses and learn new skills, discover how to use different ingredients and master new techniques, it will help you to cut down on your food expenditure, but most importantly have you’ll have fun!