Cooking Short Courses Available from Prue Leith

Thanks to the rise of food television shows and culinary competitions, like Cake Boss and Masterchef, the kitchen has become glamorous again, and everyone wants a slice. You might have watched hours of cooking TV programmes, to the point that you now dress like Nigella and speak like Jamie, but there is not much you can do to learn how to cook, other than experience it hands-on in an accomplished and exclusive cooking school.

If you want to sharpen your cooking talent, a cooking short course can do this for you. Whether you’re an aspiring or professional chef or simply a foodie seeking inspiration, cooking short courses at Prue Leith has been compiled with you in mind. Our new cooking short courses are increasingly becoming more and more popular. Being under the eyes of an expert and being guided and corrected on the go is the only way to quickly grasp the essence of cooking. All this cannot be learned in a book or explained through a screen, these are the kind of things that can only be really learned through hands-on cooking courses.

About Prue Leith Cooking Short Courses

Known previously for its eighteen month chefs’ courses, the Prue Leith group now offers new cooking short courses ranging from half days to five days that are fun and designed to suit everyone. Whether you’re a novice, can’t cook, or a chef wanting to add to your recipe repertoire you’ll love our informal atmosphere and space. No dull demos and no seats at the back, we believe in the up-close, hands-on approach to boost your confidence and motivate you to better, healthier cooking. We excel at the corporate stuff too! From team building classes or a fun day out with your clients and friends – we’ll make sure it’s fun and professional.  Our cooking short courses are a brilliant way to cater for everyone’s team building tastes – what better way to get to know your colleagues or clients than creating a delicious meal together?

Cooking is un-intimidating and much more appealing than sitting in a restaurant or playing paint ball…… and it’s really creative – a great way to allow the analytical brain to take a break and learn a skill you take with you for the rest of your life! Take a look at our new cooking short courses and book your place with us today.

  • Art of bread baking – there is something immensely satisfying about making your own bread; discover the secrets of bread baking with Prue Leith Chefs. This fun short course is ideal for anyone who shares a passion for baking.  We’ll show you how to make and shape a variety of classic breads: flavoured and seed breads, bread rolls, French country loaf and baguette, brioche, pizza, focaccia and grissini. What a way to spend your Saturday morning!
  • Art of pasta & sauces – if you are a lover of all things Italian then this is THE course for you! This is an ideal opportunity for foodie friends, romantic partners and even colleagues to cook and learn together. We explore it all – from making fresh pasta to eating etiquette! You will learn about producing fresh pasta ribbons and shapes ranging from tagliatelle to hand rolled orecchiette; classic sauces and fillings – the traditional Italian recipes.
  • Basic chocolate modelling – this course is a chocoholic’s dream! Make chocolate the centre of attention and learn how to shape chocolate into basic show pieces from figurines to flowers. This course is aimed at chefs, home bakers and creative chocolate lovers.
  • Basic chocolate decorating and confectionsthis is a course for chefs, home bakers and chocolate lovers wanting to learn how to decorate and make their favourite treats from this fascinating ingredient. Experience chocolate tasting of different types and learn different tempering and garnishing techniques. Learn to make chocolate ganache, truffles, pralines and Malakoff.
  • Advanced cakes and decorationsthis is a 5 day course designed for chefs, bakers and home bakers who want to brush up their cake skills and step into the world of the French Pâtisserie. This course takes you far beyond carrot or red velvet cake. You will learn about cake bases, sponges, mousses, jellies, pastries, pastry creams, icings, glazes, ganache, spraying and piping, and garnishing including macaroons, basic chocolate, crystalized fruit and sugar.

Don’t be discouraged if you do not cook well in the beginning, even professional chefs had to learn to cook once, and mastering the skills needed takes time. Be patient and learn from your mistakes and over time, your cooking and baking will improve. As you master simple dishes like pasta and sauces, you can move on to learn about the art of making bread, chocolates and cakes. Soon you will impress your family and friends with your delicious meals. So, sign yourself up today and surprise your guests at your next culinary occasion with something new with cooking short courses from the best cookery school in the South Africa – Prue Leith.