Events catering

Events catering can range from box-lunch drop-off to full-service catering such as a banquet, but whichever end of the scale it happens to be for a particular event, it is important to understand that this type of catering is completely different from restaurant catering. How can this be? Isn’t cooking just cooking? No. They are very different in this context, in events catering the caterer always knows well in advance what and how many dishes to prepare, whereas in a restaurant although he knows what dishes are on the restaurant’s menu, until an individual is seated and has given his or her order, the catering staff have absolutely no idea of what is goint to be ordered. With this in mind one could say that restaurant caterers have to be more “on their toes” than event caterers.

Events catering can in itself cover a whole range of possibilities. A good catering company such as ours will be capable of catering for a whole range of events, catering for anything from a small intimate dinner for two, to a cocktail party with plated snacks, and all the way up to a large State Banquet. When catering for a large conference the caterers may be called upon to cater for several meals over the course of the event. When the catering for an event, no matter how large or small, goes without a hitch, it makes for a success, and when this occurs the caterers are always remembered, which is one of the reasons that Prue Leith Caterers have established such a wonderful reputation since their inception in 2005.

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