Gauteng Chef School’s 20-Year Anniversary

Gauteng Chef School’s 20-Year Anniversary

Johannesburg is seen as the financial centre of South Africa, while Pretoria is the administrative capital of the country. Both cities are in the Gauteng province, the most densely populated province in the country. Centurion, home of Prue Leith chef school, is between these two cities.

Milestone Anniversary

Our 2017 milestone is our 20th anniversary. The Prue Leith chef school opened its doors in 1997, primarily to provide world-class theoretical and practical training to aspirant South African chefs, who would enter the workplace, become successful chefs in their own right, and thereby improve the standards of culinary arts in this country and beyond. Before 1996, the four founders of our Gauteng chef school experienced difficulty finding sufficient suitably qualified and experienced chefs locally. With few exceptions, standards of culinary training in this country were simply not on par with their high expectations. Recruiting chefs from abroad was also a hit-and-miss affair.

Can Do

With sheer determination and a “can do” attitude, these four restaurateurs/hoteliers decided to establish their own training school in Centurion, Gauteng. When it came to naming this brand-new chef school, they sought a name that would be instantly recognisable and synonymous with fine food and the culinary arts. One name stood out from all others – Prue Leith. For the very first time, Prue allowed her name to be used by a third party. Our chef school had an illustrious name and a perfect patron, because the lady gladly approved of the founders’ concept. It’s interesting to note that Prue herself has also always possessed an enormous amount of determination and spirit throughout her many varied and highly successful endeavours.

Chef School’s Focus

Because there is so much interest in cooking, baking, and other culinary disciplines today, the Prue Leith chef school introduced a number of short certificate courses for keen novice, and more advanced, home cooks, but our key focus remains on training professional and specialised chefs at our Gauteng school. Upon completion of their courses, the former group receives certificates of attendance. The latter professional group qualifies formally, receives a recognised diploma, plus City & Guilds international accreditation, and their diploma course options are listed below.


Full-time professional chefs’ courses:

  • Occupational Certificate: Chef (also includes City & Guilds Diploma and Advanced Diploma) – 3 years.
  • Grand Diploma in Culinary Arts & Wine – our tried-and-tested chefs’ course – 18 months.
  • ALMA “Professional Chef of Italian Cuisine” – undertaken locally in Gauteng as well as Italy – 13 months.
  • Diploma in Patisserie – prepares students from novice to entry-level pastry chef – 12 months.
  • Diploma in Patisserie – for qualified chefs who wish to specialise as a pastry chef – 6 months.
  • Advanced Diploma in Culinary Arts – 6 months.

Post-graduate full-time courses:

  • Diploma in Patisserie – 6 months.
  • ALMA “Professional Chef of Italian Cuisine” – Qualified Chefs – 10 months.
  • Advanced Diploma in Culinary Arts – 6 months.

Part-time professional courses:

  • Diploma in Food Preparation & Culinary Arts – 18 months.
  • Diploma in Patisserie – 18 months.

Once you’ve qualified or specialised at our Prue Leith academy, the wide world of food is yours. You may choose to take up a position in Gauteng, elsewhere in the country, or abroad, as one of the many advantages of attending our highly regarded chef school.