Life After Chef School – What Can You Look Forward To?

Life After Chef School – What Can You Look Forward To?

chef schoolThe culinary world is vast and ever-expanding, meaning that students can enter into an array of careers once they finish studying at a top chef school. Here, at Prue Leith Culinary Institute, we offer prospective students a range of premium courses designed to develop their cooking knowledge and techniques and support them as they enter the professional culinary world. Whether you want to study towards a full-time qualification with international accreditation or one of our shorter, part-time courses, we have a wide range of offerings. Our courses cater to both those wanting to become professional chefs and those wishing to expand their personal cooking repertoire. When opting for a full-time programme, such as the Occupational Certificate: Chef, students can look forward to an array of future career opportunities.

Exciting Work Opportunities that Chefs Can Explore 

There is so much for newly qualified chefs to look forward to. Let’s explore several popular career paths below.

  • Traditional roles in a restaurant: One of the most popular choices, once a student obtains a qualification, is to enter into the professional world at a restaurant. Back-of-house roles allow chefs to perfect their art in the kitchen and include the following functions: executive, head, sous, pastry or line chef. Those with hospitality qualifications can also explore front-of-house roles, including general manager or operational manager of a restaurant.
  • Private cheffing: Another fantastic opportunity is that of a private chef. This can be a lucrative position whereby cooks create culinary masterpieces for their clients directly. This gives you more control of your schedule and can open up incredible opportunities, especially in relation to travel.
  • Working on yachts: If you have dreams of seeing the world while mastering your art, a career on luxury yachts might be worth exploring. While this path is undoubtedly fast paced and known for long working hours, it’s also an exciting way to work, travel and make excellent money.
  • Recipe development: Another interesting role is that of a recipe developer. Rather than working in the kitchen and cooking food for clients, you’re utilising your knowledge to create unique recipes. These might be used within restaurants or in food delivery companies and recipe subscription boxes.
  • Food writer: If you adore food, possess fantastic, real-life culinary knowledge, and have a way with words, a career as a food writer is another rewarding path. Food writers explore many topics in the culinary world, from reviewing restaurants and writing recipe blogs to creating marketing campaigns and writing cookbooks. There are several industries where these skills are sought-after.

Why Study at Prue Leith Culinary Institute

The world is your oyster when you obtain a professional chef qualification from Prue Leith Culinary Institute. We offer students state-of-the-art facilities, world-class tuition, and a fantastic platform from which to enter their culinary careers. We also have a fine dining establishment located on our premises for those who want to enjoy the finer delights in life and revel in masterful cuisine. Get in touch or visit one of our open-day events for more information and to explore the enticing opportunities in the culinary field.