Professional Courses to Train Professional Chefs

Professional Courses to Train Professional Chefs

The oft-used phrase, there are “horses for courses”, implies that certain racehorses tend to run better and faster on specific types of race courses that possess a particular type or set of track conditions. There is seldom a “one size fits all horses” course. No one seems to know who first coined this expression, which may be used to express the opinion that people should adhere to what they know or have already mastered.

Courses for Professional Chefs

Just as there are horses for courses, there are various training courses for professional chefs on offer at South Africa’s premier Prue Leith Chefs Academy in Centurion, a fast-developing area on the outskirts of Pretoria. Our comprehensive range of chefs’ training courses all have one vital characteristic in common. All have their basis in classic French culinary techniques, which is where the chefs’ profession as we know it, culinary arts, different cuisines, and fine dining experiences have their roots and origins. This is mainly thanks to the innovative work and unparalleled talent of the so-called “father of modern French cuisine”, Georges Auguste Escoffier. Consider this selection of courses:

  • Occupational Certificate: Chef is the latest addition to our range of professional chefs’ training courses, requiring three years of full-time study. This intensive course may be undertaken in combination with our Prue Leith ALMA Joint Programme, and you have the opportunity to select a pastry specialisation module during the more advanced part of the course. Qualifications include three local certificates/diplomas and three City & Guilds diplomas.
  • Grande Diploma in Culinary Arts & Wine is arguably the best known and most highly valued professional chefs training course offered by Prue Leith Academy and on which our proud reputation and success have been built. Eighteen months’ full-time study is required, and like all our professional chefs’ courses, the Grande Diploma is also City & Guilds-accredited.
  • ALMA “Professional Chef of Italian Cuisine” is a joint Prue Leith programme, which takes about 13 months of full-time study to complete – partially in South Africa and partially in Italy. There are two study options – one for beginners and one for qualified chefs who wish to specialise in Italian cuisine.
  • Diploma in Patisserie is either six or 12 months in duration, full-time in both instances. The shorter course is designed for qualified chefs wanting to specialise in pastry, while the latter, longer option, is for entry-level pastry chefs.
  • Advanced Diploma in Culinary Arts trains qualified chefs to become better kitchen managers and has a business bias, as well as updating them with the latest culinary trends and techniques during a 6-month, period, full-time.

Our professional chefs’ training courses are highly acclaimed, and our Prue Leith graduates are sought-after by discerning employers in the South African hospitality industry. Many of our chefs have worked abroad in the kitchens of celebrity chefs.

Prue Leith Chefs Academy has a professional chefs’ training course that is ideal for you. It will be the perfect first step in fulfilling your culinary dreams, as well as your future as a well-rounded, expertly trained, confident, professional chef. Equipped with our training, combined with your commitment and desire to succeed, you will be ready to take on the culinary world.