School of Food and Wine

Founded by Tiny Barnetson, Graham Ledger, Judy Dyason and Grant McLaghlan, the main focus of the Prue Leith Group was to offer young aspiring students the opportunity to train as chefs. They wanted their school of food and wine to meet all the demands of the culinary and hospitality industries, and out of their aspirations the Chefs Academy was born.

Whilst strategising the development of their school of food and wine, the founding members felt that it was necessary that an instantly and internationally recognizable name be attached and in the process they approached one of the world’s biggest household names, Prue Leith OBE. Prue Leith loved the plan so much that she allowed this party to make use of her name. Not only did she allow the aspiring team of hoteliers to be the first to make use of her name, but she also help develop the curriculum of the Prue Leith Chefs Academy.

Today the Prue Leith Group comprises of the chefs academy, chefs studio and multi award-winning restaurant, Prue Leith’s. Each year a number of top class chefs graduate from our strenuous training programme that develops their skills to the highest standard possible. As such our City & Guilds Approved Centre have enjoyed receiving many accolades and our students have gone on to enjoy prosperous and celebrated careers as chefs within the hospitality and culinary world.

Should you require further information about our school of food and wine, chefs studio or the Prue Leith’s restaurant, contact us today and we will provide you with all the details you might require.