Start With a Chef Skills Academy

Start with the Basics at Prue Leith Culinary Institute’s Chef Skills Academy

When learning how to be a culinary master, the basics, in every sense, need to be understood. Even famous cooking geniuses, like Heston Blumenthal, learnt to create their amazing culinary masterpieces by starting with the basics. Prue Leith Culinary Institute is a top-class chef skills academy that teaches these basic skills from the ground up.



No one walks into a kitchen the first time and makes a Michelin Star dish. Even the most intuitive cook has to discover before they can create. In short, you need to study. A chef skills academy is a place where one can go from being a complete amateur to a seasoned professional, and Prue Leith Culinary Institute ranks among the best in Africa. 

You need not commit to a full-time course to train to be a chef. Prue Leith’s chef skills academy offers part-time and short courses for those who are either already in the professional food industry and want to certify their skills or those who are looking to get into food and cookery while still working. 

It may be difficult to commit to a long-term course if you are not already in the food industry, which is why Prue Leith offers short courses to get you started on your food odyssey. These short courses are highly focused and range between one and five days in length. 

Other than getting started on your own culinary journey by doing the short courses, they are also an excellent gift option to someone you may know who loves food and would like to learn more. Prue Leith offers a range of course options to choose from. There is even a Valentine’s Day couples’ cooking course available for you and your significant other. There are monthly short course offerings available too. The month of May saw four different short courses offered, including Versatile Vegetables, Art of Tarts, Chocolate Sugar Confections, and Mastering Gateau Opera. Stay abreast of the courses offered by signing up for the Prue Leith newsletter so you can find the short course for you.

The longer part-time courses presented at the chef skills academy allow students to complete the course in their own time. If the person taking the course is already working in the food industry, they can work toward certification at Prue Leith and their existing expertise will be recognised toward the qualification. The specific course aimed at existing food professionals is the Occupational Certificate, which can be completed at a student’s own pace. There is also a course in Italian cuisine, where a portion of it takes place in Italy full-time. Further part-time course options include Foundational Cooking and Professional Patisserie.

Whether it is learning how to cook poultry or becoming a master of pastries, Prue Leith Culinary Institute’s renowned chef skills academy can provide you with the skills you need to achieve your unique goals in the world of food.