Courses for Any Type of Chef Career

An Array of Courses for Any Type of Chef Career.

At Prue Leith Culinary institute it doesn’t matter if you are a novice, or are already working in the industry and desire official qualifications. This is because the college offers courses that cater for an entire range of training needs. 


The journey to a professional chef career is not always a straight line. Famously, Julia Child only took to the kitchen at the age of thirty-six and only published her first cookbook at the age of forty-nine. The Occupational Certificate: Chef (ARPL) is aimed at a chef already working in the industry who seeks to learn more and gain official recognition for their existing skills. The acronym ARPL stands for ‘artisan recognition of prior learning’. Existing skills are recognised and measured as a type of non-formal learning in the context of formal certification. This course is part-time, so that any chef can remain in the industry while completing the course at their own pace. There is also an eighteen-month part-time course entitled ‘Foundational Cooking’, which is for chefs in the industry looking to formalise their training, but also for those currently working in other industries but are seeking a career change.  

If you are looking for a career in Italian cuisine, Prue Leith Culinary School runs a unique course in Italian cuisine, part of which takes place in Italy. As part of this course, the trainee chef must spend 7 months of practical and study working with ALMA – La Scuola Internazionale di Cucina Italiana, a top Italian culinary training institute. The other 12 months focus on foundational study in South Africa. Current career chefs can also study toward the Italian cuisine qualification course and only participate in the Italian leg of the course.

But if you are not wanting to become a professional, or you are not entirely sure about cooking, Prue Leith Culinary Institute also offers specific short courses. If you are into pastries, why not try the one-day course “Mastering Macaroons”, or perhaps a five-day course in advanced cake decorations? If those tickle your fancy, there is an eighteen-month part-time course in Professional Patisserie. 

If meat is more your speed and you would like to get the edge at the next get-together at your place, why not try a one-day course entitled ‘Taming the Fire: Mastering the Art of Braaing’? You can also try a one-day masterclass in cooking a beef wellington, and if birds are more your taste you could try ‘Passion for Poultry’, where you will learn the intricacies of the classic roasted chicken.

There are many roads to becoming a recognised chef. A career in cooking doesn’t have to start at a culinary school, but it helps. Prue Leith isn’t just for those looking for a professional career in food. If you want to feel more comfortable in the kitchen or around the braai, Prue Leith has the courses suited to your needs. If you would like to find out more about Pure Leith Culinary Institute, visit the college on an open day or evening.