Top Fine Dining Cooking

High-Grade Training for Top Fine Dining Cooking


For all who desire to become exceptional chefs at their own esteemed restaurants or work in other professional kitchens, a formal education in fine dining cooking is essential. At Prue Leith Culinary Institute, applicants can choose from a wide variety of courses to start or build on an already existing culinary career.


To embark on the journey of becoming a professional chef, candidates need to choose their institute of learning wisely. For a highly respected profession, one requires top-of-the-range training.

Introduction to Professional Cookery


Individuals with a thirst for learning about the art of fine dining cooking can have a look at the Introduction to Professional Cookery Course offered at Prue Leith Culinary Institute. This path includes the first part of obtaining the Occupational Certificate: Chef, which awards graduates the City & Guilds Certificate in Food Preparation. After completing the full-time course at the institute’s campus in Centurion, candidates can continue their studies by choosing a specific direction from the following:



The Introduction to Professional Cookery course takes only a year to complete, making it the perfect starting point for all school-leavers who are seeking to start a career in fine dining cooking but are still deciding on the best route to launch their culinary careers. Requirements to enrol comprise having a Matric certificate, and an undeniable passion for creating culinary delicacies. Ideally, learners must have passed their final school year with an average of 60% or higher.


What to Expect From the Course


The training is split into two semesters, the first of which gives students access to all the necessary information about the cooking trade and hospitality industry. They’ll also learn the theory of food production and study food and cooking preparation methods and techniques. Students will later assist with kitchen-related activities at the Prue Leith Restaurant. As an optional extra, students can complete the WSET Wine Course (Level 1) during this period as well.


The second semester is hands-on, with five months of training at the on-site fine dining restaurant. In their time of training at this impressive establishment, they’ll get the opportunity to compile a Portfolio of Evidence, a requirement for completing the course, and for building credits towards the Occupational Certificate: Chef.


Upon completion, they receive a Prue Leith Culinary Institute Certificate of Achievement along with other qualifications for finishing the year’s studies.


Visit the Campus


Those who wish to learn more about the fine dining cooking opportunities offered, and to explore the environment where they’ll be studying, can visit the campus on one of the upcoming open days between 10am and 12 pm on 30 October or 27 November 2021. To reserve their place for a visit, candidates can get in touch with Prue Leith Culinary Institute via email