Become a Master in the Kitchen – Study Culinary Arts

Become a Master in the Kitchen – Study Culinary Arts


Many individuals want to be better at cooking, but don’t wish to follow a chef’s career or study culinary arts full-time. This makes it difficult to find courses and establishments to gain the necessary skills and techniques to woe guests at dinner parties or events. However, those determined to spice up their everyday meals and learn from celebrated professionals can enrol in one of many short courses hosted by Prue Leith Culinary Institute. With any of these courses, participants will gain vital information that only top-quality chefs can provide.


Study Culinary Arts through Short Courses


These courses cover a variety of topics and are designed for both complete beginners and advanced chefs who want to upgrade specific skills. Depending on the area in which cooks want to improve, they can select a relevant course.


For those who love the taste of deliciously prepared fish, but lack the know-how of preparing it themselves, the Secrets of Seafood one-day course is an excellent option. Alternatively, individuals can study culinary arts, including cooking with fish by participating in the Fabulous Fish course. With either option, all ingredients for the meals prepared are provided, as well as recipes, notes and chef’s hats for the occasion. Attendees should wear comfortable shoes and bring an apron or chef’s jacket, as they’ll be cooking in a professional kitchen. All participants will be treated to a glass of wine, along with an appetising light lunch.


Persons can also study culinary arts with a focus on meat dishes by attending one of three additional short courses at Prue Leith Culinary Institute. These include Mastering Meat, Masterclass: Classic Beef Wellington, Taming Fire: Master the Art of Braaing.


The first will have students breaking down a lamb carcass, French trimming a lamb rack, de-boning parts of a lamb, preparing a whole beef fillet for roasting and mastering other basic meat cooking techniques. The second course shares techniques to perfect the renowned Beef Wellington dish. The third is a more diverse option for all braai-lovers. Cooks learn the secrets to using fire for cooking purposes and master delicious alternative recipes to conventional braai dishes.


In addition, the short courses menu offers excellent courses on veggies and fermentation. The first is Versatile Vegetables which will teach students how to turn vegetables from side dishes into hearty main meals, as well as how to prepare classic and special vegetable accompaniments.


In the Summer Salads one-day course, attendees will learn to create amazing salad dressings and prepare various kinds of salads to please even the most fastidious of pallets. Fascinating Fermentation is an informative short course that covers various healthy preserving methods, including those from ancient times to the present. Also included in this course is the preparation of food items made from multiple types of fermentation.


For lovers of decadent sweet treats and cooks aspiring to create attractive and enchanting edibles, Prue Leith offers a diverse range of dessert and pastry short courses, including:


  • Masterclass: Mastering Macaroons
  • Advanced Cakes and Decorations
  • Frozen Feasts – The art of iced desserts
  • Basic Baking
  • Valrhona Chocolate & Sugar Confections
  • Art of Tarts


Other Options to Study Culinary Arts


Aside from the abovementioned short courses, there are several more short courses to enrol for, each with a unique theme and focus. Various long-term routes are available to students who are seeking to immerse themselves in the entire experience and get qualified as professional chefs. To find out more about any of the study options available at Prue Leith Culinary Institute or are interested to study culinary arts courses, send a message from the Contact Us page online.