Become a Chef With One of our Online Culinary Courses

Online Culinary Courses – Study to Become a Professional Chef

 A restaurant is nothing without an excellent chef to run the kitchen. Responsibilities of chefs may vary from creating recipes for the menu, managing kitchen staff, taking stock and ordering ingredients, to price planning and, most of all, cooking spectacular dishes. To be able to do all of the above, individuals need formal training at a culinary institute. Additionally, online culinary courses can be taken to learn about theory aspects. However, practical in-person experience is crucial to becoming a master in gastronomy.

Register Online and Complete Courses on Campus

 We offer various short courses for professionals to brush up on their skills or for students to determine if they’re ready to enrol for a longer, full-time programme to enter the world of  the culinary arts.

Meet Your Kitchen – This course is a great starting point for those new to the cooking industry, especially those who aren’t sure if they want to pursue a full diploma just yet. It’s also an excellent choice for food lovers who want to learn from industry professionals. Highlights of this programme include:

  • Learning directly from professional chefs and experienced instructors of Prue Leith Culinary Institute.
  • Attending short theory sessions, and ample hands-on training to perfect students’ culinary skills.
  • Receiving all ingredients for cooking, along with attire, such as Prue Leith aprons and chef’s hats, as well as refreshments.
  • Receiving a Prue Leith Certificate in Foundational Cooking once the twelve weeks of study have been completed with at least 80% attendance of all classes.

Individuals interested in starting this journey can request an application form online. For further full-time study options at the institute, Matric or a similar level of qualification is a basic requirement.

More Culinary Courses to Enrol in Online

Alternatively, students can enrol in the Menu Planning, Plating and Trends short course. This programme is ideal for those wishing to focus on this specific aspect of their chef’s training. Other than the previously-mentioned option, this is suitable for managers and owners of food-related businesses, as well as chefs looking to expand their knowledge.

The duration of the programme is a mere five days. Thus, it’s a quick way to gain the necessary knowledge for anyone in the food sector. The training is split into 40% theory and 60% practical, which includes:

  • Assembling of menus for various trades related to food.
  • Learning the method of creating and plating a dish from scratch.
  • Gaining knowledge on how to come up with names for dishes and add them to a menu.
  • Working out the costs for menu items and choosing appropriate selling prices.
  • Implementing and testing new menus are also included.
  • Studying plating techniques and styles and finding out about trends for different food services.
  • Lastly, learning how to present buffets, platters, and main, starter, and dessert dishes.

These are two of the wide range of options available at Prue Leith Culinary Institute, where students can study to become professional chefs, foodies can learn the tricks of the trade and professionals can refine their knowledge.

Enquire online if any further assistance or information on these or other courses is required.