Broaden Your Horizons With a Culinary School

Broaden Your Career Horizons with Training at Our Top-Tier Culinary School

For some, cooking is not just about the planning, presentation, and perfection that goes into making a meal – it’s about building a culinary empire the likes of which the world has never before seen. If you are passionate about cuisine and want to share your gift for gorgeous flavour fusions and creative plating, then training at the right school is essential. Here at Prue Leith Culinary Institute, one of South Africa’s top culinary schools, you will find that training anywhere else simply does not compare.

The Full-Time Courses We Currently Offer

All of our training is City & Guilds accredited and covers a range of topics – from exotic African dishes to French cooking techniques. Hands-on, engaging courses ensure that both professional chefs looking for a skill upgrade and amateur homestyle-cooking enthusiasts will gain a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Occupational Certificate: Chef

This national, three-year qualification is offered alongside the City & Guilds Diploma and Advanced Diploma qualifications and can combine with the Prue Leith ALMA Joint Programme. The course aims to equip students with advanced training and extended practical experience to ensure workplace confidence and leadership skills. Modules in the course focus on a range of topics, including foundational skills, product knowledge, gastronomy, and even staff resource management.

ALMA “Professional Chef of Italian Cuisine”

Italy’s premier culinary school, ALMA (La Scuola Internazionale di Cucina Italiana) based in Colorno has partnered with our culinary school in this joint training programme. This full-time, 19-month course has two options; one for candidates with no prior cooking training, and the other for qualified chefs looking to specialise in Italian cuisine. Course subjects include Italian Regional Cuisine and Culture, Wines of Italy, and even some introduction into the language itself. At five months, students have the opportunity to complete practical work in Italy to gain first-hand experience of the country and culture.

Introduction to Professional Cookery

This is a fantastic one-year starter course for anyone seeking to gain fundamental knowledge and skills for their future career as a chef. Ingredients, kitchen systems, and cooking methods are the main focus of this course, and once completed, students can opt to study further to achieve the Occupational Certificate: Chef and City & Guild Diploma and Advanced Diploma.

Professional Patisserie

Because Prue Leith Culinary Institute has such a strong reputation for top patisserie quality, this course will afford opportunities for career advancement across the globe. Classical French training, modern techniques, and both theoretical and practical training will prepare you the dedication and commitment to excellence it takes to become a pastry chef. This course is 18 months and runs concurrently with the national qualification Occupational Certification: Cook.

Our culinary school also offers a Professional Patisserie course that runs for six months specifically for qualified chefs looking to specialise in patisserie. Course subjects cover everything from sugarcraft and plated desserts, to advanced cakes and showpieces.

To enrol with one of our courses and get started on what is sure to be a bright future, contact our culinary school today.