Corporate Catering

Corporate catering can be a far more involved affair than it appears on the surface. A great many things have to be taken into consideration when catering for a large event, things that would not initially appear to be that important. A comprehensive, formal full-service catering proposal for a single meal, for example, is likely to include the following time-line matters:

  • Rental arrival time
  • Staff arrival time
  • Bar open time
  • Meal serve time
  • Bar close time
  • Rental pickup
  • Out-of-venue time

Each of these factors would affect the catering price for the event. Corporate catering then is far more involved that its first outer appearance, and this is one of the reasons why Prue Leith Catering has built up such a good reputation since its inception just four years ago.

This corporate catering company operates out of a 200m² state of the art kitchen in Centurion just 2½ kms from the well known Prue Leith Chef’s Academy and Restaurant. Prue Leith Catering can furnish any type of function, from the largest corporate catering event you can come up with all the way down to an intimate dinner party for two. The company has a team of professionals who can go so far as to organize the complete event for you. They have a large selection of sample menus that have been prepared for a large variety of occasions, and these will be made available to you early on in negotiations for your event. If you’d like to engage them for an event or function in the near future have a talk with one of the consultants at 082 319 1093.


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