Culinary Schools and Success

Nothing Odd about Success through Culinary Schools.

At the bustling heart of the almost 7500 square meter campus of Prue Leith Culinary School is Prue Leith Restaurant. The restaurant is lorded for its simplicity and sophistication as a chef college, a working restaurant, and is invaluable to the training of professional chefs. Not many accounting schools have their own accounting firm, or law faculties with their own practice, but in the gastronomic world, without the industry training that takes place in a working restaurant kitchen, training would be incomplete.


Prue Leith Culinary Institute manages the highest standard. The three distinct stations in the kitchen, hot, cold, and pastry, are overseen by the Lecturer Chefs, and the food is made by students in their 2nd year Commis. Any reservations that one might have about the standard of the restaurant, because it is a training college, can be quickly allayed by simply glancing at customer reviews, which have attested to the superb quality of the food and the enchanting atmosphere. Elmarie noted that:

“We try to go there for special occasions and have never been disappointed. The food pairing with wines is a highlight and always a pleasant surprise.”

And Frances was left feeling cosy:

“Hidden gem for sure! Ambiance was wonderful, romantic with the fireplace keeping us warm. Service was excellent with food to match.”

The fine dining, warm fire, and excellent wine are all part of the culinary school’s training of the chefs-to-be. The fifty-seater restaurant also features venue facilities, and the landscaped gardens are perfect for weddings or elegant get-togethers. Scrumptious menus to be viewed right now are cake and tarts to order, autumn afternoon tea menu, and the autumn menu. 

As a member of the public, one could visit the restaurant after taking part in one of the short courses, which are one of the types of courses offered at the culinary school. In May the featured short courses were Versatile Vegetables, Art of Tarts, Chocolate and Sugar Confections, and Mastering Gateau Opera. However, you will have to do a bit more than a one-day course to get into the kitchen at Prue Leith! 

Other than being supervised by lecturer chefs, 2nd year Commis students have already completed their first gruelling year at the cookery college. In the first 6 months of their 1st year, Commis students are given extensive foundational skills and product knowledge, including, among many others: food safety & workplace safety, environmental awareness, theory of food production, and cooking methods and techniques. Following that are 5 months of practical training and also two exams: External Summative Assessment for Occupational Certificate: Cook Qualification, and City & Guilds Certificate: Food Safety Theory. The course is 3 years in total and students become chefs, ready for the growing food industry. Other than the above-mentioned courses, Prue Leith culinary school offers a number of mid-length and specific courses, including, among others, a 19-month course in Italian cooking and an 18-month pastry chef course. Like the Prue Leith restaurant, Prue Leith culinary school serves up success. This, despite the fact that success is about talent, training and hard work, and there is nothing odd about that.