Get the Best Professional Chefs Training

Where to Get the Best Professional Chefs Training.

Prue Leith Culinary Institute offers a range of accredited full-time and part-time courses as well as a variety of short courses to meet the needs of aspiring and professional chefs, as well as those looking to touch up their culinary skills.

Introduction to Our Professional Cookery Course

If you love the world of decadent tastes and fine dining, then this full-time introductory cookery course is for you. You don’t need to be a professional to enrol. You only need to have passed your final school year with an average of 60% and have a burning desire for the culinary arts. This specific course serves as a foundation for school leavers, young adults and anyone aspiring to join the ranks of professional chefs. Upon completion, you will have gained the necessary skills to enrol for our Patisserie or ALMA- Professional Chef of Italian Cuisine courses. You can also continue with the Occupational Certificate: Chef and City & Guild Diploma and Advanced Diploma.

This full-time course takes only one year to complete and covers a wide selection of subjects, including the basics of the hospitality and food industry, safety and hygiene, food preparation methods and techniques, cooking methods and techniques, and more. Although there is ample theory to learn, cooking also requires physical practise. This is why a five-month practical period at the on-site Prue Leith Restaurant forms part of the course.

Chefs Training at the Esteemed Prue Leith Restaurant

For practical training, students will be working in our upmarket restaurant that’s also on campus. Be prepared to work shifts, evenings and on Saturdays as you gain experience towards becoming a top-class chef.

What better place is there to do professional chefs training than at a top-tier fine-dining restaurant in Centurion? You can even entice your friends and family members to book events here. In doing so, you can introduce them to a world of culinary splendour.

Professional Chefs Training

Mission-specific Short Courses

If you’ve already received professional chefs training elsewhere or would like to brush up on specific skills, you can do so without spending a fortune or attending a full-time course. For instance, for those who are novices at baking, you can join the one-day Basic Baking course if you want to master baking basic cakes. Perhaps try the Secrets of Seafood course, which is an excellent option for friends who want to learn to cook together.

In addition to the above, we also have an excellent five-day Menu Planning, Plating and Trends course. Whether you are a chef in training, owner or manager of an eatery or seeking inspiration in the kitchen, you will benefit from completing this course.

There’s value in our short courses, not only for chefs who want to add additional culinary skills to their repertoire, but also for individuals who’d like to master cooking skills for their home kitchens. Explore these short cookery courses.

Master the Culinary Arts with Professional Chefs Training

Start your professional chefs training journey at Prue Leith Culinary Institute today and build the confidence you require in the world of cooking. Send us a message if you want more information on any of our courses.