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Whether you are a passionate baker who has been baking cakes for years or a relative newbie who learnt all about the art of baking banana bread during the lockdown, a short baking course can undoubtedly brush up your skills and allow you to flourish. While many recipes can be found online, there is something about attending a course and learning from the experts. Here, at Prue Leith Culinary Institute, we offer several short courses for those wishing to enhance their skills. Three popular short baking courses include the following:

Basic Baking, 1 Day Course: This is the perfect course for beginners. If online recipes give you anxiety and you don’t know where to start, this short course will put your mind at ease, teaching you the basic science behind baking. In this short course, you will learn to make tea party staples, including a delightful chocolate Swiss roll, carrot and olive oil cupcakes, Victoria sponge cake with a delectable butter frosting, and strawberry and cream scones. We will also show you how all the ingredients and components work together. Once you’ve completed this course, you will definitely be able to throw a tea party of note.

Art of Tarts, 1 Day Course: This one-day course is perfect for those with a penchant for baking or chefs who want to up their pastry game. Learn about various classic and modern pastries, all the while making fillings, both savoury and sweet. You’ll make various tarts, including  Pâté Brisee, quiche, chocolate tart, fruit tarts, and Classic Tart Bordaloue.

Advanced Cakes: Gateaux and Entremet, 5 Day Course: If you have been dreaming about the wonders of French patisserie, this is certainly the course for you. This class is specifically designed for confident bakers who want to take the art of baking to even greater heights. The five-day course covers the theoretical elements of creating advanced cakes, taking you on a tantalising journey of making cake bases and fillings and learning several sophisticated finishing techniques such as piping, jaconde, ganache, and glazes. You’ll also learn how to complete your cake with style by delving into the art of garnishing.

For those who possess an unwavering passion for cooking and are dedicated to pursuing a culinary career, browse our extensive full-time courses online and be sure to fill out our online application.

A Wide Range of Courses at Prue Leith Culinary Institute

Whether you have ambitions of becoming the country’s top pastry chef or simply want to up your baking game at home to impress friends and family, we offer a wide selection of courses to suit every level. Our courses provide students with a fun and engaging way to enhance their culinary knowledge and cover a wide range of theories and techniques. If you are ready to be immersed in the innovative world of food, explore our courses, and get in touch with us for more information. You can also take part in our open days and evenings to get a real feel for the campus or even enjoy a bite at our on-site restaurant.